Thursday, 23 August 2012

Möngöl Hörde - Why The Angst Frank?

I am currently writing this review with a lovely visit from the hangover fairy, a sign that 1. Last night was fun, and 2. I was so impressed with the show that I could be virtually comatose, lost in the desert or in fact missing a head, and I'd still find a way to write this.

It was a slightly odd experience at first, to hear such angry, loud music, with the familiar element of Frank's voice. Even compared to Million Dead, it's in a completely different league of angst! It is such a stark contrast to the normal 'Frank style' - the songs far angrier, even threatening. They couldn't have expressed more different emotions and thoughts.

The small venue certainly added to the sense of threat and anguish. One of the main reasons that Frank's solo music is so appealing to so many different kinds of people, is the thought-provoking, relevant and at times, comforting lyrics. If you're looking for that kind of music, Möngöl Hörde is definitely not the way to go!

The harsh nature of the songs portray the band as some 'gentle folksters' who have lost it a bit! As if they need to express something other than the positive elements of life. They shouted, almost protested, and people listened. It's like we caught a glimpse of the bands 'dark side', something that everyone has, but few have the courage to express.

The complete lack of pretence, and no real visible divide between musicians and audience, is a novel change, and something that makes the band stand out. It was impressively slick for a first gig - clear evidence of the talent they possess.

To detour briefly from the music side for a moment, I was genuinely impressed by the friendly atmosphere, and the attitude of people there. My previous apprehension about going on my own was quickly dissolved, before I'd even set foot in the pub! It was a welcome change to the average people often found at 'heavier' shows.

The only criticism I can find to make, is the lyrics were mostly inaudible - though I suspect that's probably the point!

It was a hugely enjoyable, lively and engaging show, and not much can be found to class as negatives, but please Frank, don't give up your day job completely!

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